Consulting for Your Trade Show

You spend 10, 30 or $100,000 attending a trade show, but how do make sure that the right people come by your booth?  Do you think you can build it and they will come?

Bad news. They don’t.

The way to get the best return on investment from your trade show attendance is by training your staff and by maximizing your marketing before during and after the show.
]366 marketing has experience in 500k+ shows down to 5k shows, and you know what?  A lot of the principles are the same, the only thing that changes is the scale.

How to get the most bang

You need to be able to take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that you can.  But you also need to balance the Return on Investment in all of those opportunities as well.Contact Us about Trade Show Consulting

366 Marketing’s Trade show consulting can help you from picking the show with the best ROI to conception, to the theme, through the design process.  We can also help with staff training and lead retention.

This is what we do in our half-day session.

  • Initial hour pre-consultation
  • Developing your Strategy
  • Message based on Audience Personae
  • Determining Goals
  • Determining Roles and Deciding Who Should Attend
  • Determining Potential ROI
  • Triage leads effectively
  • 12 Rules of the show
  • Budgeting

After the session, we provide a written report of what we accomplished and next steps

We also will provide three-month review standard, as well as an optional six-month review

You get all this for the deeply discounted price of $599. That’s the price of a couple of beautiful (rented) chairs at a trade show.

You can have up to 5 people sit in on the presentation and work groups. If you would like to add more, there may be additional fees, but we can accommodate up to 7. 

Why use 366 Marketing for your Trade Show Strategy Consulting?

    • Experienced strategy builders
    • We are invested in your success
    • Experienced in translating goals and objectives into actionable plans

Contact Us about Marketing Consulting

So often we see people rushing into a marketing tactic without actually examining if that is the one they need to meet their goals. We have to have a website so let’s put one up. Just using the text we have from brochures or old text from the site. Not thinking ok does this help our brand, does it show value for our customers? Is this benefit focused?

Will this help us meet our goals? What are you leaving on the table? What is the opportunity cost of this message one vs. message two? How can we focus on a niche and speak to them?

Why work with us?

  • Trust
  • Unity
  • Clear financial obligations
  • Realistic
  • Partnership
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that you want to have a clear return on your investment, so why do we think this is necessary? Simply because of this lost opportunity.

If you throw up something without a strategy, without a well-thought-out analysis of who you are and what people are buying (not what you are selling) then you have an enormous lost opportunity cost. If you are constantly barking up the wrong customer tree, if you are targeting the wrong person in the company, if you aren’t getting to the right level all of these have a huge waste of time and money.

An ounce of prevention is worth a 100 pounds of cure!

Another question is if this is so great why are you offering it for so little? Frankly, we are not in this for a one-time sale. We want to have a  partnership and whenever you need marketing support as you grow we want to be there for you. We are not a “one and one firm.” You know as well as we do that a customer acquisition is the most expensive part of sales and marketing. So once we have a customer we want to keep them.

Anytime within 30 days of our strategy session, you can request your money back. No questions asked.

Contact Us about Trade Show Consulting

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